Today Mr. R has been a cranky, cranky butt. He's been on formula for 24 hours. The doctor prescribed me some medication, and apparently there was some miscommunication because you can't take it while breastfeeding. Luckily, I only took one pill, and caught it before he got any milk. So, we are back to breast milk now--and not sure if he is cranky because of the change from formula to breast milk, or from something else.

The other 2 are doing well----just making messes; as soon as I get one room clean and go to another, they are already dirtying up the clean room. Ugh!

at the children's museum

The boys--I'm pretty sure big brother just finished touching little brother's  hair! (He has a hair fetish-especially touching other people's hair.)

At the Children's Musuem playing on the piano.

Pictures from a week ago!

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  1. Love the update! Cant wait to see u soon!!!!
    Love M


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