first day of preschool

Today was big sister's first day of preschool!! She was ready to go this morning even though her class time wasn't until 12:45 pm. She dressed in her new outfit and shoes--which she wore all day yesterday after we got them. She even put her shoes on after her bath while wearing her pajamas. She likes them because they have pink on them!!

She only has 6 kids in her class right now, and 2 teachers. What a great teacher:student ratio!! I'm sure it will change before the year is up, but for now we are going to enjoy it while it lasts!

B crying because he wants to go to school too!! "Where's my backpack?" he asked. I replied, "Your backpack is at home. You don't need your backpack. Only J is going to school. You get to go next year after your birthday." B crying, "No, J can't go.""

R sleeping on the couch.


  1. Oh, it's going to make me cry!! They are getting so big! I think they've gotten bigger since I left. Love you all. Mel

  2. How sweet!! I remember when Marcus graduated from preschool now that was the start of it all and then i remember when he graduated from 8th grade and then today i dropped my baby off at school... 10th grade! Ok now im crying.... Im so glad everything for you is going so good and memories to be told forever!!!
    Love you lots!

  3. Where has the time gone! Joci and Byron are all grown up! Thank you for sharing.


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