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**Went to the doctor this week for our 30 week checkup; blood pressure was high 150/100. They had me lay down for about 5 minutes, rechecked it, and it was lower 128/78. Talked to me about all the symptoms of preeclampsia, but have not been experiencing any except for the swelling of the feet (which could just be water retention). Since I have had preeclampsia with Joci, I am now going to the doctor every week.

**Now, I don't know if it's psychological symptoms or not; but have had a headache the past two days, seeing more black spots, and my fingers feel like they are swelling. Just great.

**Byron's still allergic to mosquito's--got his first bite this evening, and it is swollen about the size of dime. Haven't seen mosquito's until this evening.

**Had to take Joci to an emergency visit to the dentist this evening. She fell and hit her teeth really hard, and of course, her $500+ dental work was bleeding. So, I was a little concerned about what to do! The dentist took an x-ray, and her crowns are fine, but her tooth is loose. She may lose her tooth now (because her root is so much smaller from her trauma damage at 18 months than it is supposed to be), or he said that it may harden back up. It is a wait-and-see game.

**Getting ready for the big parade on Saturday--not really looking forward to sitting out in the hot sun for 3 hours. Thankfully it is only supposed to be in the low 80s!!

**Going to be waiting on the severe storms coming our way this evening--hopefully no siren will go off; not sure I have the energy to haul two kids to the basement by myself as Joe is working tonight.

**Have actually had energy (or desire) to get some unfinished projects completed around here. Going to paint the kids' chalkboard, finished a framing project that has been done for quite some time, working on refinishing "grandma's" highchair finished 2 quilts & working on more. I'll update with pics when I get them completed!

Some pictures to leave you with taken earlier this week of Mr. B and his new belt!!

Off to go do my nightly kick test (fetal movement test), and then get the kids to bed!

Good night,

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  1. U take it easy!!
    I love this site it makes me smile everytime i read it!!


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