Doctor's Visit


***Had a doctor's appt. this week; blood pressure was better, still high for me though. Now have pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome, and it's been a killer this week alone. Hands are numb, arms are tingly at elbows and shoulders, and lucky if I can get comfortable to sleep for long periods of time. The doctor suggested wearing the wrist braces at night to help with the circulation during the day. I don't really want to, because I am a cheapskate-I only have 8 more weeks so I will see. The doctor assured me that the carpal tunnel will go away after the birth.

***Byron has a rash or something on the back of his knees and one of his calves. Trying to put some cream on it here at home before taking him to the doctor. It appears to be where his little chubby knees are rubbing together but not for sure.

***Have not even started the baby's quilt, and since my hands and arms are giving me "fits" I am not sure that I will get it done in time. Oh well-Joci and Byron didn't have theirs done before they were born either.

***Joe's job is really getting to him lately (stress, tiredness, etc). Please pray that something else comes our way shortly.

***Still packing up boxes so that our house will be simplified when we put it on the market. Still have several more things that I could pack up.

***The house is getting closer to being put on the market. Our (Joe's) list is getting smaller---need to put in downstairs bathroom vanity, downstairs bathroom shower needs tiled, upstairs bathroom vanity needs help, carpet needs put down in our bedroom, touch-up paint in most rooms, soffitts need put up, and a few other little things. However, it is finding the time to do this; especially when he needs some time to relax when he is off.

***Joci is anxiously waiting for "Fall". You see, that is when we told her she would start preschool.

***Byron frequently asks "The baby coming out yet." Not that he is ready for the baby to come out yet.

***Wishing I had our dog back the other night--Byron shoved too much food in his mouth, and had a little accident. Guess who was the lucky one to clean it up? I was so wishing Shelly was here; it's NASTY, but she would have slicked it right up for me, and then I would have only had to mop the floor.

With my arms and hands being numb and tingly more frequently, our posts may be far and few in-between.

Love to all,


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