Cody Go-Karts

Enjoyed a nice HOT day at the go-kart track yesterday! I didn't ride them-it was at my discretion as to ride the carts due to the pregnancy. I decided not to try it because didn't want anyone bumping into my car or wrecking me. Joe took both the kids on a ride. The kids then wanted to ride in the train! We checked out the big waterslide, which both of the kids are too short to go on; but we saw the little kiddie pool that has water slides on it. Byron was playing in the water, and Joci wanted to play in there. Promised them that we would bring them back next week to play in the pool.

The seat was a little hot so Byron had a towel wrapped around him.

Could only get one of Joci getting out of the go-kart. I think Joe was driving faster with her.

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