Little Bits of Life 2

Little bits of randomness---
*I did get a new camera last weekend; no, not my wish camera, but one that will do the job for now. I will find something to take pictures of this weekend--maybe the new carpet.

*Had another doctor's appointment--everything going good! Heartbeat was 144, and my blood pressure was fine.

*Joe's going to lay the playroom carpet this weekend---that means the downstairs carpet will be all complete.

*There's a couple of jobs we are thinking and praying about for Joe to apply & possibly transfer to--not giving any details until we decide the best choice for our family.

*Joci really wants a new animal from the animal shelter--one day it is a dog, the next it is a black cat named "Midnight".

*Byron is well, still Byron, getting into things he's not supposed to be, playing with Dad's tools instead of his; you know, all that stuff that little 2 year old boys do.

*I have been packing up boxes--for storage, garage sale, and donating--to get the house in tip-top shape to put on the market.

*We have company coming 2 weekends this month, and the last weekend of the month, we will be taking off to the zoo.

Pics from Joe and the kids mowing last summer!

Look at that face!

Pics at the pool in the hotel in Colorado Springs on Easter weekend.


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