Five Things.....

One of my favorite bloggers did a similar post--so I decided what a neat idea, I should do one too!!

Five Things
I love this very minute....

1. my two adorable children--well, actually three, although we can't see her/him yet!!
2. the music on our blog!!!!
3. this nice cool weather that we have been having!
4. my amazing microwave-cooks baked potatoes (yummy) in less than 4 minutes.
5. my wonderful husband--even though I know I stress him out sometimes, well alot of the times.

I could care less about....

1. my kitchen table being dirty.
2. the weeds in my flower bed.
3. the fingerprints on my patio door.
4. that my hall closet really needs organized.
5. my pregnancy weight gain--I gained this much with the other two, and I'm sure things aren't going to change this time around.

I really wish...

1. the laundry (3 large baskets full) would put itself up in all the appropriate places
2. that I could hear my blog music (only on my computer--no, I don't own a laptop nor an IPOD--we did once, but the Iraqi heat and sand ate it up) in my sewing/scrapbooking/laundry room.
3. that when I sneeze or cough that I wouldn't pee my pants (due to the pregnancy).
4. that I could get just 40 hours of uninterrupted time to complete my unfinished projects.
5. that Joci would get over her tantrums soon.

I'm really thankful for...

1. my wonderful hard-working husband who almost has the house complete (a month's work left, mainly carpet & downstairs bath) so we can put it on the market.
2. being able to be a stay-at-home mother with my kiddos!!
3. having a healthy family and two healthy children.
4. my home--although it seems like it is always a work in progress.
5. God-whom has blessed my life with so much!

I have learned over the years...

1. that I don't have to have a professional career to define who I am; being a stay-at-home mother raising and having babies is a career in itself.
2. that many think debt is normal--it's not!! Check this guy out here!!
3. what doesn't get done today, will definitely be there tomorrow, such as my dirty table.
4. that a quilter/scrapbooker can never have too much fabric or ribbon for that matter! :)
5. to enjoy life in the moment!!!

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