Our Afternoon Friend

As I was pulling the kids in the wagon from the park, we had a little friend join us. She decided to follow us home. We kept her in the backyard fenced up until the owners could come pick her up. She (Jewels) really was a friendly little pup, and she was quite talented at fetching. Jewels loved to lick on you. Joci wasn't too fond of her-Jewels grabbed "Purple" (her cat) and then knocked her over. She would follow Byron around in the yard while he was playing this afternoon. I was afraid that when she left that Byron would have quite a little fit, but he did fine. Just waved his little fist at her, and said "Bye puppy".

Joci trying to run from the dog.

Byron and his little afternoon buddy. And, yes, he does have red marker all over his lips from eating a rubber stamp.



  1. I love that sand table!!
    Joci is getting so much older looking.... she'll be 15yr b-4 you know it!!
    What a pretty day it was to be outside!!
    Miss u guys so much!


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