Camera Problems

Our digital camera is no longer working--it was dropped, and now it won't take pictures. Luckily, the memory card wasn't hurt and I can still download the pictures that were on the card. So, for the time being, you will be getting older pictures of the kids that I haven't posted, or will have to wait until I take the film to get developed of current pictures. But, don't hold your breath on that one; I still have 8 rolls of film in the cabinet that need developed.

Why not buy a new digital camera? Well, for one, the camera that I would like to have costs the equivalent to a mortgage payment!! Wow!!

I can't really justify that right now, especially since I have a perfectly good Canon that works well (except it is a film camera).

So, until I deem it absolutely necessary that I must have a digital camera, you will be seeing pics from the internet, older pics, or none at all. I know--it's a bummer, but I'm on a budget and a mission! So, my camera will have to wait!!!



  1. Nice camera! Just curious~is the new camera the "mission?"

  2. Nope, the camera's not really my mission--our "mission" is to finish our house remodeling so we can get it on the market!


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