Birthday Boy!!!!

We celebrated Byron's 2nd birthday!!! Joci was more excited about the balloons, presents, and cake than Byron was (at first). After Byron realized they were his presents, he wouldn't let her help open any. He kept saying, "No, mine." So cute!! Byron wanted cars for his cake, which was his favorite part. Couple of nights ago I caught him sneaking upstairs, swiping his fingers over the icing-saying "Mmm, good." I think more of the icing was ate than the cake by both his sister and him. I can't believe he is 2; it seems like yesterday he was just born.
Yes, that is him licking icing off his fingers!!

Neither one of the kids have on any pants. At least they are wearing shirts, which usually doesn't happen most of the time.


  1. Love the update!! Tell Byron we said Happy Birthday!!

  2. Cutie pies! Hey, be thankful they have undies on. Seems as though Hannah wears her birthday suit 85% of the time...even when answering the front door. (grimace)


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