Almost Finished

Joe and I almost finished our Christmas shopping this weekend! We have one more gift to buy, and I think we are doing that online. I would have loved to buy more, but we're on a budget this year, and it's not like the kids don't have enough toys already. YEAH!!! We don't have to fight with the crowds; what little they may be due to the economic slump. We bought Joci a wooden cradle at a thrift store earlier this month. It is in pretty good shape. I am thinking about refinishing it; although I don't really know if I need to because it looks like it may have just been done not too long ago. I have a couple of gifts to sew-a crayon apron, and 2 superhero capes! I will post pics when I am completed with them.

Also, have to decide what to do for Christmas cards this year--stitch some, create some, or use some that I purchased for discount. We'll be bringing out our holiday decorations after Thanksgiving. Have you been bringing out your decorations early? Not us!! We also looked at trees at our building supply store, since we don't have a farm to cut one down from. We are thinking about the white pines or scotch pines, instead of the firs this year. What are your thoughts? Any luck with the pines? They look so Christmasy! We're just not sure about the needles-if they fall off more than the firs. Last year our fir did super--hardly no needles off at all.

I will try to post pics of the kids later this week!!



  1. OK, I am officially boycotting your blog--DONE WITH CHRISTMAS SHOPPING?! Not really--the boycotting I mean. I'm impressed. Actually, I'm nearly done myself. I have way too many crosstitches to complete, though.

  2. Angela,
    I am now officially done shopping, but I have lots of sewing to complete. Better get started on those instead of blogging.


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