Houston, we have a problem....

We a have a little problem here in our household. As I was getting ready to sew some Halloween pillowcases for nieces and nephews, my machine decided to finally quit. I knew that it was on its last leg, but I was pushing it as far as I could go. Yesterday was the day the machine decided to die. So, I pulled out my ol' backup machine (one I had purchased this summer for $30 without trying it out first)-do you see where this is going? Well, let's just say that next time I will definitely try a machine first before purchasing, even if it was only $30 for an industrial machine.
Here is some of my fabric.
Yes, I have more! Stashed in 2 large rubbermaid tubs, in the cedar chest, on the freezer, in baskets, and I continue to purchase more at garage sales and thrift stores. *Update* Found a 3rd rubbermaid tub full of fabric. My goal was to sew, sew, sew-to use up some of this fabric; which would give me an excuse to go purchase new bold, pretty fabric-like the ones in the picture below from designer Sandi Henderson

and some fabrics from designer Amy Butler

While I'm waiting to decide to purchase another machine or have my third machine serviced, I think I'll work on this mess! My desk in the sewing/scrapbook room!

I will keep you updated:)


  1. Mandy sent me a link to your blog, I am so glad she did. Your blog is great and your children are beautiful! I'm so glad to see you all. Isn't the internet a wonderful thing? ~ Misty

  2. Hey Sis, I found a purse I want you to sew for me. It's super cute. You may have already seen one before, but I'll show you when you get home in about a week. Love ya all.


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